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World’s Best Pace Calculator

Be careful, you might get hooked converting distances and times in to the following paces:

  • pace per mile,
  • pace per kilometer,
  • miles per hour,
  • kilometers per hour,
  • meters per second, and
  • yards per second!

Also, enter a pace in one unit to get the equivelant pace in another units! Or enter a distance and pace to get the total time.


Body Mass Index Calculator

Check out your Body Mass Index with our cool BMI Calculator!


Daily Calorie Calculator

If you’re wondering how many calories you are burning a day then this is the
calculator to use.


Distance Calculator

Convert one distance to another distance. Exactly how long is a 5K in yards?


Running2win Split Calculator ©

Finished a run and wanted to know your pace?

Well, assuming you ran even splits, you can see where you were during your run using the running2win Split Calculator ©. Or you can see where you need to be during a run to meet your goal time.


Weight-Age-Grading Calculator

What is my Weight-Age-Graded Time? It is a statistical calculation, created by University of Dayton’s Paul Vanderburgh, of your "adjusted" run time (5K, 10K, 1/2 Marathon or Marathon) if you were 25 yrs old and either 110 lbs (F) or 143 lbs (M) based on your actual age, weight and run time.  In this calculation (also known as the "flyer handicap"), it assumes that not only are you lighter but you are also a "scale model" of yourself and are, therefore, shorter.