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[Posted 1/3/2008 9:34:18 PM]  My Races or Races


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Consider the pop up window of Races to be a hugh plus for "running2win" and have a couple suggestions or additions.
1) Some day I would like to be able to click at the top of any column and sort races ascending or descending (like the columns in "outlook express"). Then I could compare the same races without looking through all my printed pages. Or click on the date and see the races in order as they were run, to see how I've slowed. :)
2) When the listing is printed out the race name is truncated and the "race place" or city is not listed, but it would be nice to see this, as well as, enlarging the pop up or arranging the print out so all the entries complete fields print. I like the place-of-race/city because I run several races having the same name but in different cities/places; sometimes in different states.

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[Posted 1/4/2008 12:33:05 AM]  My Races or Races


The Boss

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Good ideas! I printed this post out so I can add these as well as:

1) Allow the race owner to edit the race notes right in the pop-up
2) Be able to click on the race link and actually jump to that race or that race plus the previous 6 days to show what was going on the week of the race.
3) Allow other members to click a link for a listed race to indicate that they, too, ran that race.
3b) Display a link that will pop up a list of all members that ran that same race with time and place
4) Allow members to embed a YouTube video of the race (if they have one on YouTube - this would be mostly for track races but could be for anything)

Actually, the list goes on. Like these ideas there are tons of things that are on paper to be done to the entire r2w site that we will be working on over time. I'll make a promise here - If I win the lottery that will allow me to not work at my full time job for 8 months I'll spend that time transforming r2w into 4 times what it is now... Anyone out there willing and able to take the place of a winning lottery ticket ;-) ?

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