About Running2Win

As many or all of you know by now, Amazon Web Services caused a major issue with the running2win WEB server and I am unable to re-mount the Windows 2003 server that ran the site. Back in the day, r2w was built on some plug-ins that do not work on anything newer than the 2003 servers. So, where are we? I am currently building onto a new version I started a while back but it's taking some time. I will be posting updates as I build. I'm putting the most important features on the top of the list (signup, add/edit/delete workouts, view workout log, team-view for coaches) There are other features built but that's because I had already written that code. Not to worry, I will have a working site up and running as soon as possible and the site will be better than ever.

Question: "Is our data safe?"
Answer: "Yes! The website code and the Database was not harmed at all. In fact, if your Garmin is synching to r2w your data is still being added to the dB!

Question: "How long will it be before I can start entering my workouts?"
Answer: "I hope by tomorrow, 5-28-2023, but if I can't make that deadline then Monday for sure."

Our goal...

We have many goals for Running2Win. We want to offer an awesome running log, team functions, sharing of running information, provide new features not seen on other running sites, and help each athlete achieve their running goals through the use of this site.

We think EVERYONE is Running2Win!

Whether you're a newbie or a professional or one of us somewhere in between, we are all Running2Win! Why are you running2win?

Contact Running2Win

Mike Stahr

[email protected]

Personal bests

  • 400: 45.8(r)
  • 800: 1:45.6(r)
  • 1500: 3:37.34
  • 1600: 3:54 (r)
  • Mile: 3:57.25
  • 3k: 8:14.08
  • 5k: 14:38
  • 10k: 30:10