About Running2Win

Our goal...

We have many goals for Running2Win. We want to offer an awesome running log, team functions, sharing of running information, provide new features not seen on other running sites, and help each athlete achieve their running goals through the use of this site.

We think EVERYONE is Running2Win!

Whether you're a newbie or a professional or one of us somewhere in between, we are all Running2Win! Why are you running2win?

Contact Running2Win

Mike Stahr

[email protected]

Personal bests

  • 400: 45.8(r)
  • 800: 1:45.6(r)
  • 1500: 3:37.34
  • 1600: 3:54 (r)
  • Mile: 3:57.25
  • 3k: 8:14.08
  • 5k: 14:38
  • 10k: 30:10